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Bed Bug Prevention

Despite being such a nice place, Suffolk County & Nassau County isn’t impervious to bed bug infestations. Thankfully, you can keep these parasitic insects out of your home or business by following these expert tips from Suburban Exterminating. 

With how close apartment units are to one another, a bed bug infestation in a complex can quickly spread from family to family. Learn about how you can keep bed bugs out of your apartment and what you should do if the pests show up.

While many college kids are excited to stay in a dorm, the prospect of picking up bed bugs is a lot less enticing. Though it’s challenging to avoid bed bugs while living in a dorm room, it’s still possible with this expert advice.

Natural bed bug repellents may be helpful in deterring these insects from entering your space, but their efficacy is questionable—especially against infestations. Here’s what you need to know about natural bed bug prevention.

It’s easy to accidentally carry bed bugs into your home when buying used furniture, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still buy secondhand! Learn how to reduce your risk of an infestation when buying used furniture.

Dealing with a bed bug problem is a long and difficult process. It’s much easier to focus on prevention to prevent an infestation from forming in the first place. Learn how you can keep bed bugs out of your space.

It’s very rare for bed bugs to hide in a pet’s fur, so it’s unlikely that your pets will spread bed bugs. That said, these parasites may still try to feed on your furry friends. Here’s what pet owners should know about bed bugs.

If you have bed bugs, the last thing you want is for them to spread to other rooms in your home. Here, the experts at Suburban Exterminating discuss common mistakes that homeowners make which can cause an infestation to grow even bigger.

It may feel impossible to keep bed bugs at bay, but it isn’t! With the right steps, you can prevent bed bugs from entering your home or business. Discover which bed bug prevention tips work and how you can implement them.

Though many people associate bed bugs with unhygienic spaces, these pests will invade pretty much any home or business with easy access to hosts. Anybody can get bed bugs in Suffolk County & Nassau County, but thankfully there are ways you can avoid them.

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