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Who's At Risk of Getting Bed Bugs in Suffolk County & Nassau County?

Though bed bugs are commonly associated with messy homes or unhygienic spaces, these pests can be found anywhere. Anybody who spends time in public places—from hotels and airplanes to theaters and office buildings—is at risk of getting bed bugs, no matter how clean and well-kept their homes are. 

That said, there are some people who are more likely to pick up bed bugs than others. The people with the highest risk include:

  • Recent travelers
  • College students
  • People buying used furniture
  • Those who have been near an infestation
Exterminator exposing bed bugs on mattress

Bed Bugs in Hotels

Most businesses take extreme care when avoiding bed bugs and other pests, but unfortunately hotels and hostels are prime areas for these insects to invade. Bed bugs always have a host nearby in a hotel, and they can easily spread via a person’s luggage. If even one room becomes infested, it doesn’t take long for the pests to spread to other areas of the hotel. 

One way you can avoid bed bugs in hotels is by reading reviews before booking a room. Once you check in, take a few minutes to carefully look around for signs of an infestation. The last thing you want is to place your luggage on the carpet just to find bed bugs an hour or two later.

Bed Bugs in Dorm Rooms

The shared aspect of a dorm room can make it an exciting space for a young adult, but it also comes with the increased risk of spreading pests. If an infestation breaks out, it will spread like wildfire from dorm to dorm. That’s why it’s important for college students to know about the early signs of an infestation, and why parents should treat luggage cautiously when their child returns home for a holiday.

Anyone Can Get Bed Bugs

Some pests, like rodents, are attracted to specific things such as food scraps or warmth. Bed bugs on the other hand are completely indiscriminate. They will invade any place that they can get a blood meal, which is why they can be a problem for anybody. Even if you don’t think you’re at risk of getting bed bugs, it’s best to stay aware of the common signs of an infestation so you can get professional help should these pests show up.

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