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Regardless of the industry, if you own or manage an office building, you need to keep the space in good repair to keep the businesses inside running smoothly and your tenants happy. It’s easy to overlook pest control, but if you do and your building experiences a pest infestation, it’ll be a lot harder for workers to be happy and productive. That’s what makes pest control for offices so important. 

Commercial real estate and keeping tenants satisfied is challenging enough. You don’t need to worry about pest control on top of that. That’s where Suburban Exterminating comes in. Suburban Exterminating in Suffolk County & Nassau County has provided office pest control on Long Island for decades and we can help prevent or eliminate the pest infestation in your building with minimal disruption. 

Office Pest Management Strategies

If you have an infestation you shouldn’t waste time and money trying to combat it yourself. You can trust us to eradicate the pests, but once we’re done, there are strategies you can take to help keep any more infestations from occurring in the future. To keep your office pest-free* in the long term, you can encourage your team to: 

  • Work promptly on any office maintenance issues
  • Use trash cans with tight-fitting lids and take the bags out on a regular basis
  • Seal cracks, holes, and other openings in the exterior of the building
  • Ensure you have proper drainage inside and outside the building
  • Keep food sealed and stored, and clean spills promptly
  • Make sure areas with high foot traffic are cleaned well every day

The Suburban Pest-Fighting Strategy

We’ve been working with businesses in Nassau & Suffolk County NY for over fifty years, and in that time we’ve refined a strategy that has allowed us to keep countless offices pest-free*. When you call Suburban Exterminating for your business’s pest control needs, we will do the following:

  • Inspect the office building and the surrounding area.
  • Identify the factors that may be attracting pests.
  • Developing an office pest control plan that meets you, your tenants and your building’s needs.
  • Find and seal entry points to control the sources of the infestation.
  • Scheduling ongoing visits to make sure your building remains pest-free*.

A Pest-Free Office Building

To ensure that your office runs without the influence of pests, you need to retain a reputable pest control company. Suburban Exterminating can work with you to make a plan that’ll help prevent infestations from forming and keep your tenants happy. To learn more and get your free quote, contact us today!
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