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No one wants to find rodents on their property. It could be a mouse in the attic or rats in your restaurant kitchen - these furry creatures can spread filth and disease wherever they go. DIY rodent control is rarely effective, and you can save so much more trouble by going to a professional mouse and rat exterminator like the ones at Suburban Exterminating. Our team has been providing rodent extermination services on Long Island for years, and we know how to get and keep mice and rats out of your home or business.

Suburban for Reliable Rodent Exterminators

The last thing you want to deal with is a rat or mouse infestation, but if it happens you’re far from alone. At Suburban Exterminating we’ve mastered the art of removing rodents, and we can create a plan that suits your specific needs. We’re a leader in mouse control on Long Island. If you want to see what the best can do for you, call us today to learn more!

Mice Exterminators for YOUR HOME

Our Rodent Removal Process

Even something as small and seemingly harmless as a mouse in the house can cause a lot of trouble. The Suburban rat and mice exterminators have been refining our technique since 1960, and we’ve developed a 5-step rodent control plan. It goes as follows: 

  1. We inspect your property to determine the species of the rodent and source of the infestation
  2. Next, we apply treatment
  3. After that, we find and seal entry points to prevent further infestation
  4. We create a detailed plan describing the treatment
  5. Finally, we offer preventative tips to keep you pest-free* in the future

Rat Exterminators for YOUR BUSINESS

Keeping Rodents Away From Your Commercial Property

A rat or mouse in your business is enough to ruin your reputation. Tha’s why, if you have a rodent problem in your commercial property, it’s important to have it taken care of immediately. Rats and mice inside your business can lead to lost business, shutdowns, and property damage. There are traps and other DIY control products, but trying to deal with rodents on your own can be incredibly difficult.

In order to deter rats and mice, and get rid of places they may nest, you’ll want to enlist the help of rodent exterminators.

Suburban Exterminating Reviews

They are the best. So responsive to take care of any problems and follows up To make sure that we’re happy with their service. recently had an wasp problem which took two times for them to come and eradicate. They treated it like the emergency we thought it was and came that very day to treat. I appreciate that kind of customer service. I wouldn’t use anyone else

– Julie. L

Pest Control You Can Trust

At Suburban Exterminating, we protect against the disease and damage that can be caused by common pests.

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