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At Suburban Exterminating in Suffolk County & Nassau County, we understand that you need extermination services that work in favor of your staff and students. That’s why we specialize in using environmentally responsible products and methods that work around your schedule. Our team is reliable and effective, and we will tailor a pest control plan to your school or daycare’s needs. With our help, we can clear any active infestations and prevent more from starting in the future! 

Sustainable School Pest Control

Schools cater to a younger and more sensitive clientele. If you have a pest infestation ranging from roaches to rodents, it can harm your reputation and endanger students and staff alike. But you can’t treat a daycare or school the same way you would any other building. That’s why Suburban Exterminating uses environmentally sound products that do not require tenting or other such practices. We are a QualityPro-certified company, and we can clear your building of pests without you even having to cancel class.

Our Pest Control in Daycare Centers and Schools

The only thing better than eradicating a pest infestation is preventing one from forming in the first place. That’s exactly what we at Suburban Exterminating decided when we developed our five-part plan to keep you pest-free* for the long run. Our strategy for school and daycare pest control goes as follows: 

  • Inspection of the school or daycare and the surrounding property.
  • Identification of the factors that may be attracting pests. 
  • Developing a pest control plan fitting both your kids’ needs, state and local regulations and the operational requirements of your building.
  • Finding and sealing gaps and openings that could otherwise be used as entry points. 
  • Scheduling ongoing checkups to make sure we’ve met your expectations. 

Pest Control for Schools

Because of the location of schools and their high amount of foot traffic, schools should be thoroughly inspected on a regular basis. Suburban Exterminating is happy to form an ongoing relationship with any educational facility on Long Island. We have decades of experience working in sensitive areas like healthcare facilities. You can be confident that we will protect the health of your staff and student body while we exterminate the pests in your school or daycare in Nassau or Suffolk County NY. To get started, contact us today!
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