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What Kinds of Diseases Can You Get From Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are not recognized for spreading diseases. While there are no documented cases of bed bugs directly transmitting diseases to humans, they can trigger allergic reactions or carry disease organisms on their bodies.

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Misinformation About Bed Bug Diseases

Numerous rumors circulate regarding so-called bed bug diseases, including Chagas disease, leprosy, Q-fever, sores, or brucellosis. However, evidence supporting these claims is poorly documented and remains unsubstantiated.

While bed bugs do not transmit diseases through their bites, they can harbor human pathogens. Over 45 bacteria, viruses, and protozoa have been identified in bed bugs. Importantly, these microbes do not reproduce or multiply within or on the bed bugs, and there have been no reported cases of transmission to humans.

The Health Risks of Bed Bugs

While the risk of contracting dangerous diseases from bed bugs is minimal, there are still concerns associated with infestations. The primary concern revolves around the bites, as they can lead to itching and sleep disturbances. 

While most people react normally and only get a red bump, some individuals may experience more severe symptoms, including blister-like welts and potential secondary skin infections. Allergic reactions are also reported. Seeking medical attention from a professional is crucial if symptoms become serious.

The Danger of Bed Bugs in Suffolk County & Nassau County

Not only can bed bugs spark allergic reactions, but they can also carry bacteria that could lead to illness. Though these pests aren’t considered overly dangerous, it’s also very unpleasant to wake up covered in bites. 

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