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Bed Bug Identification

Bed bug bites show differently on every person, but for most victims, they look like tiny red welts. Most are arranged in a zigzag or linear pattern, especially on arms and legs. Learn how you can identify bed bug bites here!

Since bed bugs are such tiny insects, it isn’t easy to identify an infestation. However, it’s crucial to keep an eye out for signs of bed bugs so you can catch a problem early on. Discover how to spot bed bugs here.

Nobody wants to find insects crawling around their home or business, especially if those insects are bed bugs. But, it’s important to know if you have an infestation. Here’s how you can tell if you have bed bugs.

From sitting in a crowded theater to staying in an infested hotel, there are dozens of ways you can pick up bed bugs. Here in Suffolk County & Nassau County, these are the most common reasons why people end up with an infestation.

Bed bugs and carpet beetles look very similar, and they both often hide out in carpet. So, what’s the difference between the two? Use these tips to tell which type of pest you have and what you should do to get rid of them.

Unfortunately, yes, bed bugs are known for biting people (and in some cases, animals) in the night. They usually target sleeping humans and can leave behind unpleasant bites. Learn more about bed bug bites here.

It can be difficult to identify a bed bug, especially because they look and behave like several other types of insects. That said, they have a few distinctive features and behaviors that you can use to tell them apart.

Some people don’t experience much itching or swelling from bed bug bites, but many people do. If you have an itchy red bump and think it’s from a bed bug, here’s what you can do to alleviate some of the itchiness.

Though bed bugs aren’t known for spreading diseases or causing significant medical harm to most individuals, their bites can be painful and itchy. Here’s what you need to know about bed bug bites.

Fortunately, bed bugs aren’t known for spreading diseases the way that some other pests do, such as rodents or cockroaches. However, they can still have some negative health consequences, which we discuss here.

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