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Do I Have to Throw Out My Bed Bug Infested Mattress?

Dealing with a bed bug-infested mattress doesn’t automatically mean bidding it farewell. While bed bugs can take refuge in your bedding, there’s no need to resort to tossing out the entire mattress. In fact, doing so could just cause the pests to spread to other areas of your home. Instead of discarding your mattress, follow these steps:

  • Wash all linens in hot water
  • Avoid moving or disassembling your bed
  • Contact a bed bug exterminator for a targeted treatment
Two people lifting mattress off of frame

Why You Shouldn’t Throw Away Your Mattress

Many people assume that getting rid of their mattress will immediately dispel any bed bug infestation. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. The insects are likely hiding in other areas of your home. Lugging an infested mattress through your house could cause the bed bugs to spread to other rooms, and bringing a brand new mattress indoors will just cause the infestation to start over.

Do You Need to Throw Away Bedding or Other Furniture?

Generally speaking, if you have bed bugs, you should leave everything right where it is. With the right treatment, you won’t have to get rid of anything. Trying to handle infested furniture on your own puts the rest of your property at risk. If you want to try and treat your clothing, transport all the articles in sealed plastic bags and wash on very high heat to kill the bed bugs and their eggs.

Do Bed Bugs Infest All Furniture?

While bed bugs are most likely to invade upholstered furniture, they’re also known for hiding out in the cracks and crevices of plain wooden items. These tiny pests can infest all sorts of unlikely places, from closet doors to lamps and more. That’s why it’s so important to partner with a qualified bed bug expert if you suspect there’s an infestation nearby; professionals know where to look for these pests and can provide effective treatments no matter where they’re hiding.

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