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How to Prevent Bed Bugs in Suffolk County & Nassau County

Since bed bugs primarily spread in public spaces, it can be challenging to predict and prevent an infestation. The best way to prevent bed bugs in Suffolk County & Nassau County is to be vigilant about the pests anytime you are in a shared area. To avoid accidentally picking up bed bugs, try these tips:

  • Inspect hotel rooms and protect your luggage
  • Use a mattress cover at home
  • Declutter your room and vacuum regularly
  • Be cautious when buying used clothing or furniture
  • Know the signs of an infestation
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Is It Possible to Prevent Bed Bugs?

Since bed bugs are so small, it’s easy to unknowingly bring them into your home. Even the cleanest and most well-kempt properties are at risk of getting bed bugs, so infestations can feel like a random event. However, there are still some ways you can prevent bed bugs:

  • Be a careful traveler: Use hard-backed luggage and store your clothes in plastic bags. Try to research hotels ahead of time and look for reviews that mention bed bugs, and perform your own inspection before setting your items down. 
  • Protect your mattress: Mattress encasements are plastic covers that zip entirely around your bed and prevent insects from crawling into the box springs. These can make it easier for you to avoid bed bugs or identify a problem early on. 
  • Wash your clothes on high heat: Hot temperatures kill adult bed bugs and eggs. Anytime you buy used clothing or return home from a vacation, immediately put your clothes in the wash to eliminate any insects you may have picked up.
  • Know the signs of an infestation: Whether you’re in public or in your own home, keep an eye out for things like dark spots, eggs, or exoskeletons. These are clear indicators that bed bugs are nearby.

What Attracts Bed Bugs?

Unfortunately, bed bugs aren’t like other pests that are drawn to things like food scraps or pet food. They will go anywhere they can find a host to feed on. Keeping your space clean and decluttered can reduce potential hiding places for these pests, but they may still try to invade your room. If you find bed bugs in your property, it’s best to contact an exterminator right away.

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