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Can I Prevent Bed Bugs Naturally?

All-natural bed bug prevention techniques can be very helpful when avoiding an infestation, but it’s important to note that these methods often do little against an infestation. If you don’t currently have bed bugs, it may be worth trying some of these natural bed bug repellents. 

Though not all of these are proven to work consistently, here are some of the most common ways to prevent bed bugs naturally:

  • Baby powder
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Dryer sheets
  • Essential oils
  • Diatomaceous earth
Hand holding bottle of natural bed bug spray

All-Natural Bed Bug Repellents

If you look up natural bed bug prevention, you’ll probably find dozens of DIY tips. But, how effective are these methods? While they may not work against an established colony of bed bugs, here’s how the popular all-natural bed bug repellents supposedly work:

  • Diatomaceous earth absorbs water and oils. If you sprinkle this substance on your mattress or near your sleeping area, it can dehydrate any bed bugs that come into contact with it. 
  • Essential oils have very strong odors that many pests find unappealing. Peppermint in particular is thought to keep bed bugs at bay. 
  • Petroleum jelly is a slick substance that many people believe is too sticky for bed bugs to crawl on top of. Unfortunately, most bed bugs can crawl through petroleum jelly with ease. 

While there are lots of DIY tips on the Internet, there isn’t any recorded evidence that indicates these natural bed bug repellents work. That said, if you don’t have an infestation and want to use these methods as an extra layer of protection, doing so shouldn’t increase your odds of finding bed bugs later on. 

Instead of focusing on repellents, it’s more valuable to take precautions like using a hard-backed suitcase or washing your clothes in hot water after returning home from a vacation.

Can I Treat a Bed Bug Infestation By Myself?

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of, and most at-home treatments don’t work well against an infestation. In a lot of cases, DIY methods will kill live insects but leave the eggs, causing you to find more bed bugs within a matter of weeks. Professional exterminators have the tools and expertise needed to completely eliminate bed bugs and prevent them from coming back.

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