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Rodent Treatment

Mice are stubborn pests, so it can be very challenging to get rid of an infestation. But, it’s not impossible. Here, our experts talk about the best way to treat a mouse problem.

Rats can lead to serious property damage or health issues, which is why it’s important to stop an infestation quickly. Learn how to get rid of rats with these tips.

Homemade pest control can be helpful, but it’s not always effective. Our experts talk about the most reliable DIY mouse traps and how to use them.

Without professional assistance, rat bait stations can pose a serious threat to your health and safety. Learn more about bait stations and how to properly use them here.

Snap traps and bait stations are very popular forms of rodent control, but which option is best? Discover the differences between the two and which option is right for you.

Mishandling rodent corpses or nests could expose you to dangerous bacteria and pathogens. Here, we talk about how to safely clean up after mice or rats.

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