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How to clean up after rodents

Addressing a rodent infestation poses challenges, but perhaps the most daunting aspect is the cleanup. These pests are notorious for creating substantial messes, requiring time-intensive and hazardous handling. Depending on the infestation’s scale and severity, cleanup may entail:

  • Disposing of deceased rodents
  • Removing nests and surrounding filth
  • Clearing droppings and urine
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Why is Safety So Important During Rodent Cleanup?

Rodents are carriers of potentially fatal diseases, transmitting bacteria and viruses through their urine, feces, and bodies, regardless of their state of being. When engaging in rodent cleanup, safeguarding yourself is paramount—wear gloves, utilize disinfectants on all affected surfaces, and thoroughly wash your hands post-cleanup.

Effective Rodent Droppings and Urine Cleanup

Many assume that vacuuming or sweeping up rodent waste suffices. However, this can lead to spreading the waste and dust throughout your home. Opt for a disinfectant or a 1:10 bleach-water mixture, allowing it to soak the mess for at least five minutes before wiping it with a paper towel. Dispose of the debris in a sealed garbage bag, using rubber, latex, or vinyl gloves, and disinfect exposed surfaces.

Removing Nests or Deceased Rodents

Using traps or bait stations effectively eliminates rodents but requires subsequent cleanup. The process resembles that for handling droppings. While donning gloves, use a disinfectant to treat the rodent and adjacent areas. After a five-minute soak, dispose of the carcass or nesting materials in a sealed garbage bag.

Can Professionals Assist with Rodent Cleanup?

Rodent cleanup is both unpleasant and risky, but you need not face it alone. Pest control professionals offer safe and comprehensive cleanup services, addressing droppings, urine, and deceased rodents. Additionally, they inspect your space to identify any lingering rodents, preventing future issues. For swift and meticulous rodent cleanup, contact Suburban Exterminating today.

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