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Types of rodents in Suffolk County & Nassau County

There are over 2,000 species of rodents found across the globe, making the Rodentia family the largest order of mammals in the world. However, there are just a few species found here in Suffolk County & Nassau County. Knowing how to identify common rodents in our area can help you spot infestations quickly and keep your space pest-free*. Here in Suffolk County & Nassau County, you’re most likely to encounter these types of rodents:

  • House mice
  • Deer mice
  • Norway rats
  • Roof rats
  • Meadow voles
  • Squirrels
Graphic of different rodent outlines

Common Rats & Mice

Of all the rodents in the world, rats and mice are most likely to invade your home or business. But, each species has its characteristics and behaviors. Here’s how to identify the most common rats and mice in our area:

  • Roof rats: True to their name, these rodents are known for their excellent climbing abilities. They have long, hairless tails and are often found in treetops or rooflines. If you notice signs of rodents in your attic, you may be dealing with this species. 
  • Norway rats: Originating from European settlers in the 18th century, Norway rats have large, thick bodies that are usually brown or black. Their tails are also much shorter and stubbier than that of a roof rat. You’re most likely to find them in your basement. 
  • Deer mice: With large eyes, big ears, and a white underside, these mice are often considered cute. However, they’re capable of spreading the potentially fatal Hantavirus. Deer mice are usually found outdoors in rural environments. 
  • House mice: As their common name suggests, house mice are some of the most common rodents to invade homes. They have large ears, brown or gray fur, and pointed snouts. They’re often found near pantries or inside interior walls. 

Other Rodent Species

In addition to rats and mice, there are all sorts of rodents in Suffolk County & Nassau County. Gophers, squirrels, and voles are probably the most common, but they’re usually found outdoors. Even outside, though, these pests can cause problems by ruining your yard or causing property damage. If you’re struggling with any type of rodent in or around your space, it’s best to work with a licensed wildlife control company to have them safely removed.

What Type of Rodent Do I Have?

Most people discover the effects of an infestation well before seeing a live rodent. Since most rodent species cause similar types of damage, it can be very challenging to tell exactly what type of pest you have without professional assistance. Licensed experts have the tools and training to quickly identify which species you’re dealing with, and they can help you develop a solid plan to get rid of them quickly. 

Worried rodents are taking over your space? Contact the team at Suburban Exterminating! With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we’ll help you eliminate the rats or mice as quickly as possible.

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