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Rodent Identification

From the house mouse to the Norway rat, Suffolk County & Nassau County is home to a wide array of rodent species. Discover the specific ones you might encounter near your local property.

Though rats and mice share similar behaviors, they have a few different habits and characteristics. Learn how to tell a rat infestation apart from a mouse infestation.

Rats and mice prefer different nesting sites depending on the time of year and species. Here, we talk about the indoor and outdoor spots where rodents tend to establish their habitats.

Mice and rats are more than an annoyance—an infestation can pose serious dangers. They can cause structural harm and spread hazardous pathogens. Learn more about the risks here.

While rodents typically avoid biting unless provoked, they may still attack if threatened. If you’ve been bitten by a rat or a mouse, you should seek medical attention and follow these tips.

Through their feces, saliva, and more, rats and mice can transmit numerous dangerous diseases. Here, we talk about the most common rodent-borne illnesses here in Suffolk County & Nassau County.

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