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Are mice dangerous?

Despite their small size, mice can have a huge impact on your health and well-being. Even a small infestation could cause serious property damage or put you at risk of contracting a serious disease. If these pests get into your home or business, you could experience problems such as:

  • Gnawing damage to walls or structures
  • Electrical fires caused by chewed-up wires
  • Potentially deadly diseases
  • Harm to your family’s or pets’ health
  • Contaminated food sources
Electrical cord exposed from mouse bite

Are Rodents in Suffolk County & Nassau County Dangerous?

Across the world, rats and mice are considered some of the most dangerous and destructive pests that commonly invade homes. Thanks to their ever-growing teeth, these pests are known for gnawing through important structures or starting electrical wires. Not only that, but rodents are infamous for spreading serious diseases and contaminating food sources. From rat-bite fever to hantavirus, these pests could cause lasting health consequences for you or your family.

Can Rats and Mice Hurt Pets?

Humans aren’t the only ones at risk during a rodent infestation. Dogs and cats often consume these pests, and while that may not seem like a problem, rats and mice could transmit diseases after being eaten. Roundworms and other parasites, including toxoplasmosis gondii, could lead to long-term intestinal problems and flu-like symptoms in your pets. Some of these parasites can even spread to people, which could be fatal to vulnerable populations such as children. For that reason, pest control isn’t just about protecting your property; it’s about protecting everyone in your family.

How to Stay Safe From Rodents in Suffolk County & Nassau County

Rats and mice are excellent at hiding, and infestations can be really challenging to avoid or get rid of on your own. But, with the right tools and experience, it doesn’t have to be difficult to keep your property pest-free*. 

At Suburban Exterminating, our goal is to help protect what matters most to you and your loved ones. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of commercial and residential rodent control services. Our state-licensed exterminators are prepared to handle even the most stubborn pest infestation. If you need help getting rid of rats or mice, give us a call!

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