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Rodent Exclusion

Rodent prevention is the process of making your space less attractive to rats and mice. Learn more about how to keep mice away from the experts at Suburban Exterminating.

Like most creatures, rodents are drawn to areas with plenty of food and shelter. But, what exactly attracts them to your property? Find out here.

It’s difficult to get rid of a rodent problem. By taking some extra time to prevent an infestation in the first place, you can save time and money. Use these tips to keep mice away.

Are rodents tearing up your Suffolk County & Nassau County yard? Learn how to make your yard less attractive to rats and mice with Suburban Exterminating.

Rodents are a year-round pest, but they’re most active in the early fall and winter. Here, we talk about how to optimize your rodent prevention plan to avoid an infestation.

Some natural rat repellents can help avoid an infestation, but not all options are effective. Find out which chemical-free rodent prevention tactics work.

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