Norway rat on rocks

Norway Rats are a problem pest on Long Island. With the weather growing colder, Suburban Exterminating is receiving more calls about rodents coming inside. Please give us a call if you think that you have a rodent problem before the problem grows (631) 864-6900 | (516) 864-6900 | (631) 287-6900 We’re happy to provide a free inspection and quote.

Quick Facts about Norway Rat:

  • Rats can grow up to 12 inches long and can squeeze through openings no bigger than a quarter.
  • While Long Island only has the Norway Rat, other parts of the country have both roof rats and Norway Rats.
  • Rat’s strong teeth allow them to chew through cinderblock, wood, wire, aluminum and lead.
  • Rats can’t see very well but their other senses (smell, taste, touch and sound) help direct them to food.
  • Rats spread a ton of disease! And don’t forget the trail of urine and crap that they leave behind!

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