Where Do Mice Live in Your Home?

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Mice reproduce so fast that you are certain to have more than one in your home at any time. Mice are resourceful. They will drink from dripping faucets and nest in the smallest of places. Mice will eat crumbs on your kitchen counters, your pet’s food and snacks in your cabinets.  They may have gained entry into your home through pencil size holes or by squeezing under your door. Once mice are inside, forget about thinking that they might leave on their own!Long Islanders can expect to find one of these 2 mice in their homes: the white-footed deer mouse or the house mouse.

Where Do Mice Live in Your Home?

Most of the time, mice only travel about 10 feet to find everything they need…. Food, water and shelter. You might see evidence of mice like gnawing and droppings. So, a mouse might be eating Fido’s food and traveling to your upstairs closet to hoard this treat in their nest. They will travel inside your walls from one place to the other. Mice are excellent jumpers and climbers.  Depending on your infestation, multiple nests may exist.

Mice nests are usually found in a warm, dark place close to food and water. In your kitchen, you’ll find mice nesting: Under appliances, in back corners of drawers and cabinets, the void space under the cabinet. You may find them in stuffed furniture, storage boxes, desk drawers and bathroom cabinets. They really only need a space a couple of inches wide to call home.

A mouse will make his nest out of anything. They like to use soft nest material like tissues, yarn, dryer link, carpet fibers but will use leaves or cardboard. The nest is about the size of a softball. A pregnant female mouse spends a lot of time gathering this nest material.

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