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Our Long Island Animal Control and Wildlife Services Team gets rid of wildlife and animal nuisances safely and quickly. Our team specializes in the exclusion, removal and control of animal nuisances. We inspect your home to identify your specific pest problem, determine where they are getting in, remove them and prevent them from getting back into your home for your future safety.  And of course, we’re happy to do any necessary repairs and clean-up.

4 Common Long Island Wildlife Pests

This coming winter, animals and rodents are looking to enter your home for food and warmth. Check out these 4 common Long Island wildlife pests.

  1. Rats and mice are year round pests but they can become more of a problem in the winter. These rodents seek out warmth, food, shelter, and water inside our homes during the harsh winter months. They can squeeze into your home through extremely small openings. Like squirrels, they are also notorious for chewing through insulation, wiring, and wood.
  2. Squirrels are active all year long. They don’t hibernate in the winter. When they enter your attic, squirrels may store their stash of acorns and other food. Like other rodents, squirrels need to chew. You can expect gnawed wood, insulation and electrical wiring. They don’t go outside to use a bathroom.
  3. Raccoons are nocturnal and rarely seen during the day. Raccoons can cause significant damage to roofs and chimneys in their search for den sites. They will also get into crawlspaces in search of den sites. They are a major carrier of rabies.
  4. Bats usually migrate to warmer climates or hibernate through the winter.  If they are roosting in your attic, bats become a problem pest.

If you suspect you have a wildlife problem on Long Island, call Suburban Exterminating (631) 864-6900 | (516) 864-6900 | (631) 287-6900. We are Long Island’s professional wildlife control company. We can come out and inspect your home, remove any unwanted critters, and provide you with a prevention and treatment plan to keep them from coming back.


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