Termite Damage and Control

Termites can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your Long Island home. The weather is just starting to get warmer and already Suburban Exterminating is getting plenty of calls about termites.


Winning the Roach & Ant Battle with Fumigation

Pest control always comes with an “Us” vs “Them” story. In a recent email from a Commack homeowner, she states “Can you please call or email. I would like to set up an appointment right away. I have roaches and ants. Right now, they are winning the battle. Thanks.”

Filth Flies

Common Types of Filth Flies

Filth Flies are nuisance pests, not known to sting or bite, but buzz around your home looking for food.  Their presence can signal another problem, like leaky pipes or decaying compost.  Filth flies carry bacteria and disease through their hairs, legs and mouths.  Every surface they land on can be contaminated.

exterminator spraying in kitchen

Eco-Friendly Pest Control at Suburban Exterminating

Suburban Exterminating was the first pest control business in New York, and eighth in the nation, to be awarded with the “Green Shield” Certification by the IPM Institute of North America. We use green pest control to manage pests while using the least amount of pesticides.

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How to Hire a Professional Exterminator

We’ve mentioned why you should hire a professional exterminator, but do you really know how? It’s not as easy as searching the Yellow Pages or asking a neighbor. You need to find a company that offers it all – quality, price, care, professionals.

Termites Damage wood

Professional Termite Inspections

We get a lot of calls at Suburban Exterminating for pests, carpentry, and, of course, termites. The termite department is often very busy because of the numerous jobs we cover concerning termite monitoring and elimination. There are four kinds of termite inspections:

cockroaches on cheese

Cockroach Prevention and Facts

Scientists estimate that roaches have inhabited the earth for over 300 million years.  While humans may believe that it is our planet, it is clearly the cockroach’s.  But there are ways to avoid roaches in our homes and businesses and stop the spread of disease and bacteria.

Ground hog

Groundhog Day: Fun Facts

February 2nd is Groundhog Day! Learn more about this Pennsylvania German custom and fun facts related to this day.