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Gnawing Signs of a Pest Infestation

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Have you heard strange noises in your attic?  Noticed stale smells coming from hidden areas? Have you seen evidence of burrow holes around your deck? How about signs of chewing on food packaging?

Gnawing Pest Damages

Mice, Rats, and Squirrels Damage Squirrel eating a nut outside

Mice, rats, and squirrels gnaw on many items. These creatures chew to get into a desirable space by scratching first to make a rough edge that they can bite into. They also may enlarge existing gaps around utility lines – cable, electric, gas, and phone lines. Once inside, a nest is made using insulation, paper, and fabric to make a soft nest. Mice, rats, and squirrels all enjoy the insulated covering of electrical wires. If the corner of the door is gnawed, chances are one of these  – mice, rats, or squirrels – is the culprit.

These pests have incredible strength in their jaws. They bite and gnaw to nest, eat, and just because they can. They can chew aluminum, wood, lead, sheetrock, asphalt, plastic, leather, and much, much more.

Squirrels cause plenty of damage to roof soffits, trim, and attic vents in order to enter a home. Outside, they may chew on patio furniture, garbage can lids, and bird feeders.

Raccoon Damage

While raccoons are not known to gnaw on things, raccoons cause greater damage because they can use their paws to tear off shingles, chimney caps, and gutters.

Suburban Exterminating Solutions

Suburban Exterminating offers a Rodent Exclusion Service: as well as, a green treatment that keeps mice and rats away.

We perform clean-up and removal of all wildlife problems. Please contact us for a free estimate today!

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