honey bee

3 Insects We’re Thankful For

We wouldn’t be here if pests weren’t, well…pests. And while most of the insects we deal with on a daily basis are nuisances to Long Island homeowners, believe it or

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squirrel photo

5 Nutty Squirrel Facts

They’re cute, they’re fluffy, and they’re one of the most common fall and winter pests Long Island homeowners deal with…we’re talking about squirrels! Click to learn 5 nutty squirrel facts. 

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spider web

7 Spooky Spider Facts

They’re scary, startling, and synonymous with Halloween; they’re also one of the most common fall pests Long Island homeowners encounter. So, whether you like ‘em or not (and we don’t

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jumping spider

The Scariest Fall Pests on Long Island

This time of year, we welcome the “spooky” in many forms—haunted houses, classic horror movies, and terrifying campfire tales. One constant that remains, however, is that household pests like spiders

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cricket in house on blanket

7 Curious Cricket Facts

You probably know them best by their easily identifiable singing this time of year. It’s fall on Long Island and crickets are out in full force! Here are 7 curious

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