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Exterminator spraying targeted area

4 Things Your Business Should Know About Integrated Pest Management

To be most effective, pest control services must be viewed as a process – not a one-time event. And like any good process, the approach is what makes the difference. That methodology is what protects your business, mitigates your exposure, and maintains the quality you expect. At Suburban Exterminating, our three-fold approach is known as Integrated Pest Management or IPM. 

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Monarch butterfly on flower

10 Fascinating Facts about Butterflies

Who doesn’t enjoy witnessing one of these winged beauties in flight? From their brightly colored bodies to the effortless motion that seems in sync with some unheard symphony, butterflies are an insect each of us can appreciate. But how much do we know about them? Unless studying butterflies is your profession, or you’ve recently lost yourself in a lengthy Google search that began by asking “how long do butterflies live,” you may not know as much as you’d like. This list includes 10 cool facts that are sure to make you think about butterflies in a whole new way.

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Red bug on washed out wood

How a Warm Winter Affects Your Pest Control Needs

By this time of the year, most of us are anxiously awaiting the arrival of warmer weather. In fact, any break we might have gotten from chilly temperatures over the last few months may have been a welcome reprieve. Whether it is the ability to get outdoors and work on a project, or the freedom to take a bike ride without bundling up, an early spring has its benefits. But those positives are not without a few negatives.


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dead cockroach in bathroom

How to Prevent Cockroaches in Your Home

Suburban Exterminating experts see 4 types of cockroaches in Long Island homes: German, American, Brown-banded and the Oriental. The German roaches are the most common species. All roach species, though, are prolific breeders – they produce up to 35,000 offspring per year. No wonder a large number of them seem to appear overnight!

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