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Suburban Exterminating was the first pest control business in New York, and eighth in the nation, to be awarded with the “Green Shield” Certification by the IPM Institute of North America. We use green pest control to manage pests while using the least amount of pesticides.

Words from Our Entomologist

Lynn Frank, one of Suburban’s certified entomologists, has been with the company since 1985. He is a big supporter of the green movement and truly believes that Eco-friendly pest control can eliminate pest problems. “It works, and it’s the right thing to do,” he says, “There is a great demand; we’re seeing it grow all the time.” It’s also healthier because people, children, and pests aren’t exposed to foreign toxins.

How Eco-Friendly Pest Control Works

Green Pest Control  works by cutting off the pests’ food, water, and shelter. Not only is this method effective, but it’s a long term treatment. One way that Suburban practices green exterminating is by sealing doors, which keeps bugs, dirt, heat, and air conditioning where they should be, saving energy and money. Other innovative pest control options include bee vacuums, thermal imaging, and pest proofing.

Latest Green Pest Control Solutions

While green exterminating is effective, it does require more experienced technicians. Suburban Exterminating is constantly training their hardworking techs the ability to work the newest and the best pest control methods. We also host nationally known experts so they can teach our technicians everything they know.

We Eliminate Termites Too!

The Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System is also another green way to eliminate termites and a practice that Suburban has mastered. The Sentricon System is the first way to eliminate a termite colony rather than just create a barrier between the soil and home. Suburban has been authorized by Dow Argo-Sciences to use this system, the only way to monitor and prevent termites entirely from outside the home.

Our customers hire us to eliminate pests – not to spray chemicals. Call (516) or (631) 864-6900 today!

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