Ground wasp

What do you call these large wasps? Digger Wasp, Digger Bee, Cicada killers, locust killers or sand hornets can be a scary 2 inches long! When you see a number of these bad boys hovering over your lawn and garden, it is easy to become alarmed. These wasps can become an unwelcome pest because they constantly guard their underground nesting sites and create unsightly mounds of dirt. These wasps usually are not aggressive but you’ll still want to keep away from them!

Ground Wasps on Long Island

To keep people away, these wasps appear to “dive-bomb” when people approach their nests.  Digger wasps burrow in the soil. Their tunnel entrances have noticeable amounts of dirt around them.  These solitary wasps generally are considered to be beneficial insects. However, many customers become alarmed by their presence when they build nests by burrowing in lawns, flowerbeds, and gardens.

The Digger Wasp or Digger Bee are part of the solitary wasp family.  They do not depend on other members of a colony to share in the raising of young or the maintaining of a nest. They are sometimes covered in a metallic sheen ranging in color from dull black or brown to brilliant red, yellow, or blue. Groups of individual tunnels can number 100 and last for many years.

Adults emerge in the spring, mate, and start construction of their nests which may contain one or more cells.

Because wasps are known to sting, if a nest is discovered, a professional should be called right away to remove it.

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