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Did you know that ticks are carried into your yard by mice, deer and other wildlife? Ticks cause many diseases including Lyme disease, Borrelia miyamotoi infection, Ehrlichiosis, and many more diseases. The Powassan virus is the newest disease which is transmitted by ticks. There is currently no treatment for it.

A New Tick Borne Virus: Powassan Virus

The Powassan virus attacks the nervous system and brain. Brain infections can cause inflammation or encephalitis. If the brain lining is infected, meningitis may occur. Symptoms of infection range widely from none to death. This virus can cause migraines, overall weakness, confusion and seizures within a week. The infection can cause long-term neurological problems. While many infections are not serious, why take a chance?

Because it can be a serious disease causing fatalities and there is no treatment for it, Powassan has the potential to become a greater of a public health threat than Lyme disease. Thank you to Michael Greenwood, Yale School of Public Health, for the many of the facts about the Powassan virus.

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Long Island is the home to the American dog tick, blacklegged tick, brown dog tick and lone star tick.


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