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Installing chimney caps is essential to manage bird presence around your New York home. Birds, while charming in moderation, can swiftly become problematic if not kept in check. Their impact ranges from mere annoyances like noise to severe health risks arising from chimney blockages and droppings, not to mention potential property damage. To safeguard your chimney and yard, here’s expert advice from Suburban Exterminating!

Understanding Bird-Related Issues

In New York, birds pose several challenges for homeowners. Elevated bird activity may result in the following concerns:

  • Droppings: Bird droppings may harbor a fungus that when inhaled, can cause histoplasmosis in humans. This illness can lead to severe symptoms such as fever, aches, and chills.
  • Gutter Blockage: Birds tend to nest in gutters, causing drainage issues that result in water damage to homes and gardens.
  • Chimney Blockage: Nesting birds within chimneys trap fireplace fumes, posing risks of carbon monoxide poisoning and other health hazards.

Preventing Chimney Nests

When birds are searching for a place to nest, they often seek refuge in chimneys, leading to property damage and health concerns for your family. Installing a chimney cap is highly recommended to deter birds from your chimney. This protective grate cover allows fireplace fumes to escape safely while simultaneously keeping out debris, droppings, and bird nests. This measure discourages nesting and safeguards your home from potential issues.

Dealing with Stubborn Birds

If chimney caps fail to deter birds, involving a local pest control company is the best course of action. Professionals experienced in managing local bird populations are well-versed in humane and effective bird removal strategies. Suburban Exterminating’s bird removal team possesses the expertise to devise a tailored plan addressing bird-related concerns around your chimney. Contact us for a free quote or to explore our bird control services tailored for your home today!

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