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In and around your home, birds are delightful! When the first blue jay appears, it’s a sure sign of spring. Some birds, however, come with their own bird problems, and can cause serious contamination issues with their droppings and shedding of their feathers, and nests. Birds, like pigeons, mynas and sparrows, are a serious nuisance. Bird droppings are corrosive and foul.  Birds and their droppings are associated with many human diseases. Other pests can hitchhike on birds and even live in their nests.  Ticks, mites, fleas, lice, mealworms, carpet & hide beetles, clothes moths, carrion flies & beetles and furniture & deathwatch beetles are often found alongside birds. These other pests easily spread from the birds to your home/business.

Effective Bird Control for Your Home and Your Business

Effective bird control methods are tailored to your home or business. Call today for a free inspection and estimate. Suburban Exterminating looks to use the most effective bird control methods including:

  • Identification — Suburban Exterminating will identify each problem bird species present, feeding and watering locations, roosting, nesting and loafing areas, and any potential risk to non-targeted species.
  • Prevention – Depending on your environment, prevention measures are installed to prevent entry and deny landing or roosting areas. Spikes, netting and wires can be cost-effective means of dealing with these avian pests.  Filling holes in a building’s façade could also be a possible solution.
  • Control – When needed, mechanical traps or other treatments are recommended and applied.

Birds can be destructive to Long Island private and commercial properties. They can carry disease, contaminate areas with their droppings and feathers, and cause structural damage with their nests. Nests can be found in eaves, windowsills, ventilation, HVAC equipment, signage, lighting, chimneys, and awnings.

The Suburban Exterminating bird guide can help you to identify the bird causing your problems. You can also contact us at 631-864-6900 or 516-864-6900 for bird control solutions.

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