Squirrel eating nuts on roof

Upcoming Wildlife Season Calls for Wildlife Removal

Not every exterminator has a license to “take/trap, transport and release wildlife whenever the animal becomes a nuisance, destroys property or threatens public safety.”  Suburban Exterminating has many technicians who are qualified for nuisance wildlife removal.

Restaurant Dining Room

Pest Prevention in Your Restuarant or Business

What insurance do you have to protect your business’s reputation from pests? Are you covered with regular pest control service? Your reputation could be ruined by one small crawling creature!

kids in school

Pesticides and Pest Management in Schools

Children spend a large part of their day at school. Both pests and pesticides can pose risks to children’s health. Unfortunately, schools can be breeding grounds for roaches, flies, bees, wasps and rodents.

Raccoon in Trash Can

Raccoon Removal

People use all kinds of things  to try to scare wildlife into leaving. Loud music, lights, dogs, scarecrows, streamers, and aluminum pans are NOT very effective. Hopefully, you will call Suburban Exterminating to remove any unwanted animals from your home.


Raccoons and Other Wildlife in Your Home

People often assume wildlife control and pest control are synonymous; however, in many states, different licenses are required because the treatment is so different.

Ground hog

Groundhog Day: Fun Facts

February 2nd is Groundhog Day! Learn more about this Pennsylvania German custom and fun facts related to this day.