Mouse on rock

Tips for Rodent Exclusion

How to keep away mice and seal up spots in your basement and home that might be the way for these little pests to get in.

cat looks at mouse in house

Where Do Mice Live in Your Home?

Mice reproduce so fast that you are certain to have more than one in your home at any time. Mice are resourceful. They will drink from dripping faucets and nest in the smallest of places. Mice will eat crumbs on your kitchen counters, your pet’s food and snacks in your cabinets.  They may have gained entry into your home through pencil size holes or by squeezing under your door.

Rat inside house

Rodent Prevention in Your Home

Rodents begin to look for warm places to live when temperatures drop and fall sets in.  You can protect your home today with Suburban Exterminating’s Rodent Shield all-natural treatment!

Norway Rat

Water Rats on Long Island?

Rats can swim up to a ½ mile or more. You might spot them in any of our waterways. They are good swimmers, acrobats, climbers and have really strong jaws.