Termite Control

Long Island Termite Extermination

Suburban Exterminating is a leader in the elimination and prevention of termites. Properties residing on Long Island and in surrounding areas are at risk from termite infestations with thousands of insects in each colony. Our use of the Sentricon Termite System and conventional termite treatments will offer the solution you need to protect your home or business from the hungry termite colonies.

Sentricon Termite System – Your Most Effective Defense Against Termite Damage

Suburban Exterminating uses the powerfully effective Sentricon Termite System to battle aggressive termite colonies. This system involves the installation of a protective ring of Sentricon stations around different locations of your home. The Sentricon system will kill off the entire colony of attacking termites including the queen. The Sentricon Termite System will also protect your home and property against future termite attacks.

Conventional Termite Treatment

Our Suburban Exterminating technicians incorporate the Conventional Termite Treatment plan by creating a barrier of liquid termite treatment called termiticide around your home to keep termites away. The liquid barrier is typically a 4” wide by 6” deep trench created around your home’s foundation. Concrete areas including sidewalks, porches, and basements will require small holes to be drilled and the termiticide injected into the space. Once the barrier is established, termites will not be able to pass through and enter your home.

Protect Your Property From The Damaging Effects Of Termite Colonies

Annual damage estimates caused by termites is estimated at a staggering $5 billion, according to the National Pest Management Association. That estimate means termites cause more property damage than fires, floods, and hurricanes combined. Suburban Exterminating offers the solutions you as a homeowner need to protect your property. Our termite control specialists will design a termite elimination plan based on the specifics of your home. We’ll provide you with a diagram of the treatment plan and detail the type of treatment and supplies being used. Call us today to get your free estimate for termite treatment.

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