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Frequently Asked Questions About Termite Protection

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Frequently Asked Questions About Termite Protection in Suffolk County & Nassau County | Suburban ExterminatingTermite damage is one of the most costly pest control issues Long Island homeowners deal with. Though termites can wreak major havoc on the structural integrity of a home, termite damage repairs are rarely covered by homeowners insurance, which is why protecting your home with the Sentricon Termite Baiting System is essential!
Below we’ll cover some of the most frequently asked questions about this termite protection system. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to the termite control experts at Suburban Exterminating! 

Understanding the Sentricon Termite Control System

The Sentricon Termite Control system is a non-repellent treatment designed to combat termites using non-toxic bait.

Here’s how it works:

  • Initially, a station is installed in the ground around your home.
  • After three months, our technicians add more stations throughout your yard.
  • Every year, we revisit to replenish stations as needed.

The Sentricon baiting system will eliminate a termite colony. Termites begin feeding on the bait as soon as they enter the station. This starts the elimination process sooner, and it provides continuous property protection. Liquid applications are limited to the area they are applied and break down over time, this does not provide good protection against a termite colony.

Sentricon stations are placed 8 to 10 feet apart around the entire perimeter of your home.

If you have a patio, don’t worry! Termites will travel distances as long as a football field to forage for food; if your Sentricon stations are a little further out, the system will still be effective at combatting termites.

No, the Sentricon bait is a green product. The active ingredient will not leave the station. Even if the station sits under several inches of water, the active ingredient will not leave the station. The Sentricon system even won the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award!

Once the system is installed, we must wait until the termites randomly forage into the station. Once they begin feeding on the bait, the colony should be eliminated within 60-90 days depending on the size of the colony.

After the installation of the Sentricon Termite Control System, you may still observe termite swarmers. The presence of swarmers doesn’t necessarily indicate a failure of the system; instead, it can be a natural part of the termite life cycle. The Sentricon System is designed to eliminate termite colonies over time by disrupting their ability to molt and grow.

If you notice termite swarmers after installation, it’s essential to contact your pest control professional for a thorough assessment. They can determine whether the swarmers are from a colony already targeted by the Sentricon System or if additional measures are needed. Regular monitoring and maintenance of the Sentricon stations will help ensure ongoing termite protection.

At Suburban Exterminating, we inspect the stations on an annual basis in the fall time.

We do not want to inspect the stations during the spring or summer months when termites are most active. If termites are feeding on the bait and we pull it out of the station, this will break the mud tubes and pheromone trail and can cause station abandonment. We check the stations when feeding slows down and then determine if any material needs to be replaced.

No, you pay an annual renewal for this warranty and you have unlimited callbacks. We do not charge for bait replacement or the repair of a station.


If you decide to remove all stations and have them reinstalled for some reason, we may charge a reinstall fee.

The Sentricon system offers an above-ground station that can be installed when there is an active mud tube.

No, the Sentricon bait stations don’t cause an odor.

No, the stations do not attract termites. Termites randomly forage through the soil and this is how they locate the stations.

You should continue with the system each year to protect your home from possible future invasions of termite colonies. The system offers continuous protection. Termite swarming happens when a colony is 3-5 years old, if you do not have termite protection, this could mean 3-5 years’ worth of potential damage.

Protect Your Long Island Home Against Termites With Sentricon

Curious if the Sentricon Termite Baiting System is the ideal choice for termite control in your Long Island home? Call Suburban Exterminating today, and we’ll address all your inquiries with expertise and ensure you have the information you need.

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