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Pests – including ants, cockroaches, rodents, house flies, fruit flies and pantry pests – can all be found in your home’s kitchen. You need to get rid of these pests to avoid contaminating your food and avoid nasty health problems.

Get Rid of Insects in the Kitchen

Insects love your kitchen for the same reason you do – plenty of food, water and shelter. Our trained technicians will conduct a kitchen inspection to identify the source of the problem and recommend a proper course of treatment. They’ll be looking water and food sources as well as signs of pest damage.

Let’s talk about nasty health problems! Pests in your kitchen can spread typhoid, salmonellosis and tuberculosis as well as many more pathogens. Cockroaches can trigger allergies and spread 33 kinds of bacteria, more human pathogens and even parasitic worms! Rodents like mice and rats may bring fleas into your kitchen. They spread disease and trigger allergies.

Types of Kitchen Ants and other Kitchen Pests

Learning how to get rid of insects in the kitchen is key to your family’s health and safety. Below is a description of a kitchen’s top invaders.

Ants in the Kitchen

Have you noticed a trail of ants across your counter? These ants could be odorous house ants, Argentine ants, pavement ants or little black ants.  With easy access to food and water, it’s not easy to stop the ant invasion.

Odorous house ants prefer sweets, while Argentine ants and pavement ants have been known to eat meats, bread, oils and fats. Ants love wet spots and may nest in wall voids, near water pipes and beneath leaky faucets.

Cockroaches in the Kitchen

Cockroaches are one of the most common kitchen insects. You might bring them home in cardboard boxes, grocery bags and beverage cartons. These disease spreaders are why many restaurants receive health code violations!  German cockroaches are the most common roach found.

Rodents in the Kitchen

Rodents – mice and rats – love your kitchen, too!  House mice and Norway rats are the most common culprits, as they are often enticed by the food and nesting options that kitchens have to offer. Your kitchen would receive a health code violation for sure if any mice or rats are running around!

Flies in the Kitchen

House flies and fruit flies are also kitchen visitors. House flies will eat any kind of food. Fruit flies just love fruits and vegetables. Leaving ripe fruit and vegetables sit out on the kitchen counter is a sure-fire way to invite a family of flies to the table.

Pantry Pests in the Kitchen

We find both Indian meal moths and Grain moths in kitchen cabinets and pantries.  To learn more about these panty pests, check out our web pages: Indian meal moths or Grain moths.

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