Citronella Ant

Citronella ants come in two sizes – Lasius interjectus, the larger yellow ant and Lasius claviger, the smaller yellow ant. These ants are sometimes confused with termites since they swarm just like termites. They are found all over the United States including on Long Island.

Frequently asked questions about Citronella Ants

When can you smell the citronella odor or lemon verbena scent? The ant’s smell is most noticeable when they are crushed. They emit a scent when threatened, too!

Do citronella ants bite?  They don’t have a stinger.

Is there a citronella ant queen?  When they swarm, you’ll find many winged queens and kings looking for a mate and a new home.

What’s the difference between citronella ants and termites?  Termites are wood destroying while citronella ants are just nuisance. Citronella swarms occur most often in the late afternoon of warm, humid, windless days.  Swarms may occur repeatedly.

What do citronella ants eat?  They tend herds of underground aphids like cattle. They then harvest honeydew excreted by the aphids.

Where are citronella ants nesting in my home?  These ants can be found in damp wood, which is often located behind tub tile walls in a bathroom or in damp crawl spaces.

Where are citronella ants outside?   Outside, nests are usually situated in soil adjacent to structures, along foundation walls or under rotten logs. Dirt mounds from their tunnels can reach up to three feet in diameter.

Other Citronella Ant Facts

  • Citronella ants are primarily nocturnal.
  • There is no record of them feeding on household foods.

Solving Citronella Ant Problems

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