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This summer has been especially full of our unwanted stinging friends. It’s important to know that wasps are predominantly social, meaning they live in large nests so it’s usually a big problem to deal with.

A nest contains a queen, workers, and males. Plenty of bright yellow and black bugs to ruin a picnic or barbecue.

What Wasps Do

Yellow jackets in particular build paper nests below ground, unlike bees who hang their nests in trees. Wasps try to protect their nests as much as possible, which is why they’re usually seen as the angriest stinging insect.

Dangerous Stings

Also unlike bees, wasps can inflict multiple stings. Their nests are also very close to the home because it offers protection. They’ll often scavenge for food in recreational areas and are easily angered when bothered.

How Suburban Exterminating Can Help You

Wasp nests should be removed completely so that they will not rebuild and the remains cannot damage wood or attract secondary pest problems. Suburban Exterminating can help you get rid of your yellow jacket and wasp infestation. Call (631) or (516) 864-6900 as soon as you see a nest or for any other pest problem!

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