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American homes are teeming with bugs.  Scientists say that almost every home has ants, spiders, carpet beetles and flies. Long Islanders report many ant problems because ants can easily go from just a couple ants to a complete invasion overnight. Ants are tiny, work as a group, and never stop working!

About Super Argentine Ants

Some ant colonies – in places like California, Texas and Africa – have many queens and many nests. These super colonies contain billions of ants that move across the area and wipe out other ants.  In California, the Argentine ant has a super colony that spans across most of the state and is now expanding into Mexico. We’re talking about world domination! The Argentine ant is just one of 20 different ant species that are expanding their domain. How long will it take these ants to move onto Long Island?!

Another super ant is taking over much of Texas. The crazy ant is originally a South American native. It’s killing fire ants by secreting a substance that neutralizes them.  Crazy ants are found in large numbers near electrical equipment and wall sockets. You’ll also find swarms of crazy ants in cellphones and televisions. It’s hard to get rid of crazy ants. They are able to signal other crazy ants when they are hurt or killed. These ant signals will send thousand more ants. Crazy ants colonies consist of 8 to 100 queens and thousands of workers. The ant colonies – queens and workers – get along like a big happy family!

While we don’t have super Argentine Ants on Long Island, we do have our share of ant problems. Long Island ant colonies can have 300,000+ workers. Ants leave a trail for other ants to follow. And  DIY treatments only kill the ants which you see while ants continue to invade. A trained pest professional can identify the type of ant and help you to keep your home pest free.

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