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Mice can enter your home through the smallest of holes, scale five-story buildings and are intelligent. Mice enter your home looking for a warm place to live. You can keep them out by sealing cracks and crevices in your home and making sure that your door seals are in good condition. Once mice have entered your home, they can become real problems.

>Mice Problems
While a mouse lives only about 9 to 12 months, they reproduce and can have 50 young within that single year!  Mice and rats use their urine and other nasty stuff to leave communication trails for themselves and others to follow. So while the rodents may be clean themselves, they are making a disgusting mess of your home, basement, garage, boat and anyplace else.Mice problems are very common on Long Island. The most common mouse is the brown house mouse. If you spot a white mouse, chances are that this mouse was once a neighbor’s pet. While mice like cereal grains, they will nibble at many different foods. Mice are excellent climbers and can squeeze through openings the width of a pencil (about 1/4 inch across.)

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