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Suburban Exterminating practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is pest control industry terminology for Green Exterminating. IPM basics include Inspection, Identification, Prevention, Treatment, Monitoring and Documentation. To keep up with the latest of IPM or Green Exterminating, some of our management staff attended a recent conference at Perdue University.  The Purdue University Pest Management Conference promotes innovative and environmentally sensitive approaches to pest management.

Pest Control Experts Continuing Education

Our experts will be sharing their new knowledge at upcoming technician education meetings.  Here’s some of the advanced training which they received:

  • The importance of technicians in protecting health, property and food.
  • German Cockroach: Assessment-Based Pest Management
  • New developments in monitoring and managing termites and other wood destroying insects.
  • The latest chemical and non-chemical technologies for use in bed bug management and how to integrate these tools into effective programs.
  • Developing programs that meet all the criteria for safety, that meet label requirements, and that meet Integrated Pest Management (IPM) standards.
  • Ant Update: Odorous House, Pavement & Carpenter Ants
    Ants continue as the #1 pest group. Update on behavior, biology, and management strategies.
  • New developments in food pest management
  • Fumigation Updates: New technologies, equipment, strategies and laws and regulations in fumigation
  • New issues and developments in the pesticide regulations arena and use of drones in IPM (including regs and guidelines for their use).

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