Groundhog poking its head out of the green grass

Below are some highlights of Long Island Groundhog Day past and present!

Quick Facts About Long Island Groundhogs

  • Groundhogs are also called woodchucks.
  • Groundhogs dig long tunnels sometimes over 60 feet long. These tunnels have several entrances and may be over several feet deep.
  • Groundhogs eat mainly grasses and plants but also might eat your vegetables, fruit and tree bark.

Long Island Groundhog Day Events

Groundhog Day occurs very year on February 2nd when our winter is halfway over. Tradition says that if the groundhog see its shadow on Groundhog Day, we’ll have another 6 weeks of winter. What do you predict?

Holtsville Ecology Center 2019

What does Groundhog Day mean to you? To one local woman, Victoria Carrington, it’s a way to celebrate family!  She states: “After 9-11, while watching groundhogs day with my father, I turned to him and said, “I wish we could have an event like this… something silly that brings families out into the cold, holding hands for even a few moments.” He told me we could and together we created just that!!”

You can see Holtsville Hal this Saturday 2/2 at Holtsville Ecology Center 7 am!

Quogue Village Firehouse 2019

We’re not sure if Holtsville Hal will be making a second appearance as “Brian”.  Last year, both Holtsville Hal and Brian did not see their shadows, indicating an early spring!

8:30 – 9:30 a.m. Celebrate at the Quogue Village Firehouse to find out if spring will come early this year! Hot
beverages and pastries will be provided after the ceremony.
All are welcome!

Throwback to 2018

What happens when your Groundhog is actually a cat?

Hamptons Police were called to a local Groundhog Day event after the animal standing in as a groundhog escaped and caused injury and damage. Learn more here

Free Inspection

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