Asian tiger mosquito

Long Island has over 60 kinds of mosquitoes. Two mosquitoes – the northern house mosquito and the Asian tiger mosquito – are particularly know for biting!

Biting Mosquitoes: Northern House Mosquito and Asian Tiger Mosquito

In order to lay eggs, female mosquitoes need blood from humans or animals. Because mosquitoes take multiple bites from different people and animals, they easily spread diseases.

If you’re bitten at dusk or dawn, you can probably blame the northern house mosquito. The Asian tiger mosquito will bite all day long. The peak season for mosquitoes is usually right in the middle of our summer. Babies, toddlers and people with weakened immune systems should be especially careful about avoiding mosquito bites.

The northern house mosquito requires a minimum of 10-14 days to become an adult. Their eggs are usually laid in water or plants in water.

You’ll recognize the Asian tiger mosquito by the white strip running down the center of its head and back. These mosquitoes spend the winter in the egg stage. The eggs hatch into larvae after spending some time in water.  Asian tiger mosquitoes are aggressive.

Scientists at Cornell University are trying to predict how many mosquitoes we’ll have by the weather! In fact, their maps show that we’ll have many less mosquitoes than upstate will. But is that any consolation? Scientists are only tracking the northern house mosquito population.

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