Earwig on the ground

Earwigs are weird looking insects which have pincers protruding from the end of their body. These pinchers are used as protection and to capture prey. They are not poisonous.  Earwigs feed most actively at night. During the day, they are generally hiding in dark, cool, moist places.

Top 6 Questions about Earwigs

  1. What do earwigs eat?  Earwigs are omnivores – eating both plants and other insects.
  2. Where do earwigs live? Earwigs are insects which are found mostly outside. You’ll find many earwigs under old leaves, mulch and grass clippings. They get into your house through exterior cracks and are very difficult to keep out. In your home, earwigs hide in cracks and crevices. earwigs can get into laundry, furniture, loaves of bread, clothes, bedding…. almost everything!.
  3. What kills earwigs in your home? How do you get rid of earwigs?  They hide in cracks and crevices throughout the home and are difficult to keep out, even with the use of screens and other mechanical barriers. To get rid of earwigs and other insect pests, we recommend our Seasonal Pest Protection Program to keep your home protected year-round.
  4. Do earwigs fly? Most earwig species have wings but seldom fly.
  5. Why earwigs are called earwigs?  Earwigs have a nasty reputation of being able to crawl into your ear while you’re sleeping. While totally untrue, the name earwig literally means “ear creature.” Earwigs do not crawl into the human ear and don’t tunnel into anyone’s brain.
  6. Are earwigs and silverfish the same thing? Lots of people confuse earwigs and silverfish because they both like moisture, are relatively fast and active at night.  The biggest difference between earwigs and silverfish is that earwigs have pinchers. Oh, and silverfish are mostly silver.

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