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They’re cute, they’re fluffy, and they’re one of the most common fall and winter pests Long Island homeowners deal with…we’re talking about squirrels! Click to learn 5 nutty squirrel facts. 

Squirrel Fact #1: There Are Around 300 Squirrel Species

There are around 300 diverse species of squirrels around the world! Despite this vast number, on Long Island, we mainly see two species: the Eastern gray squirrel and Southern flying squirrel.

The Eastern Gray Squirrel at a Glance

  • Color: predominantly gray, but can have a brownish or red color to their fur, as well, with white to pale gray underparts
  • Features: bushy tails, white-tipped fur
  • Size: 9.1 to 11.8 inches long; 14-21 oz. in weight 
  • Habitat: forest canopy preferred for nesting and sourcing food

The Southern Flying Squirrel at a Glance

  • Color: gray-brown fur with on top with darker flanks and a cream color on their underside
  • Features: large dark eyes, flattened tails, a furry membrane called a patagium that extends between the front and rear legs, used to glide through the air
  • Size: 9-10 inches long
  • Habitat: deciduous or mixed forests, heavily wooded suburban regions

Squirrel Fact #2: Squirrel Teeth Never Stop Growing

Like other rodents, squirrels have front teeth which never stop growing! Because squirrels constantly gnaw on hard nuts, constantly growing teeth don’t wear down.

Squirrel Fact #3: Squirrel Poop is Often Misidentified as Rat Poop

If you’re dealing with some sort of rodent in your house, its poop is often a clear indicator of which sort of pest it is. Though squirrel droppings and rat droppings are distinct, they do have some similarities, and can easily be mistaken for the other. 

Squirrel Poop

  • Dark brown or black in color; color grows lighter with time
  • Spindle-shaped or clumpy
  • About ⅜ inch long and ⅛ inch in diameter

Rat Poop

  • Dark brown or black in color; shiny
  • Spindle-shaped
  • About ¾ inch long and ¼ inch thick

Squirrel Fact #7: Squirrels Run in a Zig-Zag Pattern

Have you ever wondered why a squirrel that’s run in front of your car seems to go everywhere EXCEPT straight ahead out of the way?! Squirrels have a unique zig-zagging pattern they use to escape predators (and cars). They’ll initially freeze and avoid making noise, then move in a zig-zag pattern to distract and escape their predator (your car). 

How to Get Rid of Squirrels

They may be cute and interesting, but if you’re dealing with squirrels in the attic or another part of your Long Island home, that’s not fun! Suburban Exterminating has a full team dedicated to safely removing common fall and winter wildlife that can get inside your home, including squirrels, rats, raccoons, bats, and more. 

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