Bee stinger

How to Avoid Bee Stings this Summer!

Please! We don’t want anyone to be hurt! Bees, wasps and other stinging pests are appearing in greater and greater numbers this summer.   While you can’t avoid these insects completely, you can do some things to avoid being stung.  After all, not everyone owns a bee suit!

Yellow jacket flies above wood

Yellow Jackets Are Bees? 10 Yellow Jacket Facts

Stinging pests are Long Island’s Pest of the Month! Stinging pests can include digger wasps, bees, cicada killers, wasps, hornets, mosquitoes and yellow jackets.   Yellow jackets are seen on Long Island as soon as the temperature heats up. Sometimes, yellow jackets are confused with bees. They  are actually wasps.

Tick attached to human skin

How to Remove a Tick from Your Body

Ticks can cause Lyme disease and even make you allergic to meat.  I’m not kidding! Check out the latest tick article from the Wall Street Journal.

You can try to avoid ticks by avoiding wooded and bushy areas with high grass and leaves. You can also apply insect repellents that contain DEET or Permethrin. You could also try to avoid ticks by wearing light colored clothes, long pants, a long-sleeve shirt and closed toe shoes.

Citronella Ants

Are There Ants That Smell Like Lemon?

What are those ants? If your ants smell like lemons or lemon verbena or citronella odor when crushed, you might have citronella ants. These ants are usually noticed when they swarm. The flying ants appear in large groups (or swarms) any time of year. Citronella ants can enter through openings around your doors or through expansion cracks in homes on a cement slab. 

bed bug closeup

How to Identify Bed Bugs (Tips from an Expert!)

Our experts get many calls about identifying bed bugs. In a recent article from FMC Pest Wire, these 5 bugs are often mistaken for bed bugs: Carpet Beetles, Spider Beetle, Cockroach Nymphs, Booklice and Bat Bugs. To the untrained eye, these bugs all look the same. Sometimes, we’re even asked to identify bed bug bites (pictured here).

Cockroaches on bread

Learn How to Prevent Cockroaches in Your Home

Cockroaches are among the oldest groups of insects because they will pretty much eat anything. Roaches find and devour any organic material – decaying or fresh – book bindings, glue, leather, beer, cheese, meat, grease, sweets, and starches.

Deer in vegetation

Plants that Attract Deer (and their Ticks)

Deer and mice move hitchhiking ticks from one place to another. Suburban Exterminating offers ways to take care of the ticks on your lawn.

However, deer and mice are very difficult to keep out of your yard. What can you do about it? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has created a list of plants that may attract deer. If you’re like me, your yard in Huntington, Southampton or Babylon has many of these plants.

Hotel bed with clean linens

Avoiding Bed Bugs While You’re On Vacation

If you are planning a vacation this break, be on the lookout for bed bugs while you travel. Bed bugs are hitchhikers that cling to fabric, clothing and suitcases. Travelers can unknowingly transport bed bugs from vacation to their homes even if they did not experience bed bugs in their hotel. The resurgence of bed bugs in the last 10 years is not yet fully understood, but there are plenty of practices to avoid the spread of the nighttime biters.