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    Rodents have very poor eyesight and a great sense of smell. When they get close to your home, they feel their way along using their whiskers and your foundation walls. Once your foundation is protected with our “Rodent Shield”, rodents will be repelled by the smell allowing your home to remain rodent-free!

    • All-natural repellent
    • No harsh odors, just a minty scent!
    • Repels rodents from your home’s foundation


    Rodents hide in dark, hard to find places. Our highly trained technicians know exactly where to look to identify their points of entry.

    Using an all-natural repellent, we treat your house’s foundation, sheds, under decks, and garage door openings to prevent rodents from entering in these areas.

    While you may smell a minty scent, rats and mice hate the smell and taste, steering clear of the odor. Your family is protected from those pesky rodents!

    DID YOU KNOW?...

    • Mice can enter your home in an opening the size of a dime.
    • Rats can squeeze into holes no bigger than a quarter.
    • Rats and mice are known to spread more than 35 diseases because they leave behind a trail of urine and other nasty stuff.
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