Bird Mite

Actual Size: 1/32” long

Characteristics: White or grayish oval body. Can become redder in color after feeding.

Legs: Eight

Antennae: No

Wings: No

Habitat: warm and moist conditions


  • Also known as “chicken mites” 
  • May bite, but do not need human blood to survive
  • Sometimes confused with bed bugs

Bird Mites in Suffolk County & Nassau County

Bird Mites are incredibly small – typically less than 1mm in the adult stage – and because of that they can be difficult to spot. Most people don’t think about them, since they’re primarily found on the skins of birds like chickens and pigeons. They can develop from egg to adult in about a week and live for up to several weeks after that. 

Bird Mite Habitat

Unlike other mites and ticks, bird mites live almost entirely off the blood of birds. They use them as hosts and are known for populating inside their nests. Bird mites are especially fond of warmer climates, so they’re especially active in the spring and early summer. And they’re found throughout the United States, but can also be seen in Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Islands of the Pacific.

Bird Mite Behaviors, Threats or Dangers

Bird Mites are often overlooked, especially since they don’t rely on humans for hosts. They can still bite, resulting in irritation and the possibility of allergic reaction. If you work with birds you are at risk of bird mites, but the same applies if an infected bird has nested in your attic, chimney, or within small cracks of your property. If that’s the case, Suburban Exterminating mite exterminators can help clear out the infestation.