What do silverfish look like?

large silverfish in a long island home

Silverfish have a flattened tear-drop shaped body with a long pair of antennae and 3 long bristle-like appendages coming off the back of their body.  Their body is silver to brown in color, and they have silvery grayish scales covering their body giving them a silvery metallic appearance.  Adult silverfish grow to be about ¾ of an inch in length and are not winged.

Silverfish behaviors

Silverfish require a high humidity environment to live in; they can live without food for long periods of time, but cannot survive without humidity.  Silverfish are most often introduced into a home or other building in boxes or piles of paper that are already infested and are brought inside; they will also enter into a home through cracks and crevices in foundations while foraging for food sources or a humid environment to live in.  

Silverfish are nocturnal pests and move very quickly from location to location in a fish-like manner.  During the day, silverfish will hide in basements, underneath sinks, in bathrooms, in kitchens, in laundry rooms, and in crawl spaces.  At night when silverfish come out from their hiding spaces, they feed on paper, wallpaper, glue, clothing, dead insects, and food items like flour, cereals, and rolled oats.

Are silverfish dangerous?

Considered an occasional invader, the silverfish is not dangerous. These pests do not bite or sting, and they do not pose any known significant health risk to people.  Silverfish are nuisance pests, and they will contaminate food sources stored in homes. They can also cause damage to personal items, and can be very difficult to control.

Can Suburban help with a silverfish problem?

Yes, Suburban can help to control and eliminate silverfish through our residential pest control services.  Along with our effective services to get rid of silverfish from your home, our program provides:

  • Customized service appointments
  • Unlimited service calls
  • Regularly scheduled preventative services
  • Inspections completed by our professionally trained and licensed technicians.

We also offer green services in addition to our more traditional pest control services. Our green services promise that we will only use pesticides as a last resort. Instead, we focus on inspection, monitoring, mechanical, and sanitary measures to control and get rid of silverfish and other pests.  We also promise that if pesticides are needed the products used will be green or organic in nature.

For more information about getting rid of silverfish or to schedule your free estimate, call Suburban Exterminating today!

Silverfish prevention tips

There are some easy steps that homeowners can take, in addition to putting into place a year-round pest control program, to help prevent a silverfish infestation.

  • Reduce humidity levels by installing dehumidifiers in the high humidity areas of your home.
  • Routinely wipe out moisture from sinks and tubs and regularly vacuum your home to remoe dust and hair.
  • Seal cracks and crevices found in your home’s foundation and/or exterior walls.
  • Install door sweeps underneath all exterior doors.
  • Store clothing and other items in sealed plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes; inspect boxes and packages for signs of silverfish before bringing them into your home.

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