Identify Norway Rats and the Problems They Cause

Getting Rid of Norway Rats

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Norway Rat Identification

The Norway rat has a blunt nose, small ears, and small eyes. Adults have a body length of 7- 9 ½ inches and a tail length of 6-8 inches, making their tail shorter than their body. The Norway rat’s tail is darker colored on top and lighter colored underneath. They have coarse hair that is brown and scattered with black hairs. Their underside is a lighter whitish color.

Norway rat behaviors

Norway rats are known for being poor climbers and are typically found infesting ground levels of homes and other buildings.  Norway rats like to live and nest near humans in order to be in close proximity to food sources; meat, fish, dry cereal, and dry pet food are some of their favorites.  Inside homes, Norway rats can be found in basements, first floors, under piles of debris, and in crawl spaces.  Outside, Norway rats live in farmland, fields, near rivers, and in garbage and wood piles.

Norway rats are nocturnal. They also have very poor eyesight. So they use their whiskers in order to feel their way around their environment.  Norway rats will also create runways; they will follow the same path or “runway” from their nest to food source.  There are usually greasy marks from their fur along the walls of their runway, fresh tracks, and of course fresh droppings.

Are Norway rats dangerous?

Norway rats are very dangerous to have within a home or business.  They have very powerful jaws and teeth that can chew through and damage almost anything including pipes, flooring, and drywall; they will also cause damages to inventory in warehouses and other commercial buildings and damage personal belongings in homes.

Norway rats will also contaminate food, food prep areas, and food storage areas with their urine and feces.  Once a rat finds a suitable food, they will keep returning until either the food runs out or they are stopped.

Along with causing physical harm, rats are a health risk to people.  They carry and transmit a lot of diseases including plague, jaundice, rat-bite fever, trichinosis, and salmonellosis.

Norway rat prevention tips

Along with getting professional help to control and eliminate Norway rats, there are a few things that you can do to protect your property from a Norway rat infestation.  

  • Remove or relocated piles of firewood and other debris from the outside of your property. Norway rats are drawn to “piles of stuff”
  • Make sure that trash cans or dumpsters have tight fitting lids, and that they are removed or emptied on a regular basis.
  • Pick up uneaten pet food, and make sure to store pet and other animal food in sealed containers.
  • Check the foundation of your property and make sure to seal any openings with a heavy duty silicone caulk.
  • Make sure that all chimneys have a tight fitting cap and that all vent covers are secure.

Other Norway Rat Facts

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