Honey Bees

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What do Honey Bees look like?

Honey bees have an oval shaped body and are typically golden-yellow in color and have brown bands, although the exact color pattern will vary depending on the specific species. They have small hairs on their head and around their eyes. Adults grow to between ½ and 5/8th of an inch in length; the queens are larger in size than the workers. Honey bees have pollen pouches on their legs that they use to collect pollen from flowering plants.

These bees produce honey to feed their colony; they will also use the pollen that they collect as a food source. Honey produced by bees is also consumed by people and is often produced in big quantities by farmers and other people who place beekeeping boxes on their properties.

What are the signs of Honey Bees?

Honey bees are very social and live in large colonies. They usually create their nests up off the ground in tree cavities, under decks or other structures, and in the crevices of large rocks. They will also, unfortunately, build their nests in the chimneys, attics, and spaces behind walls in homes, garages, and sheds.

What Damage do Honey Bees cause?

Honey Bees can cause home damage when they build a hive in your walls. As they produce honey, it could melt in the summer heat and run down your walls causing staining and moist soft spots in the wood. The honey can also attract other pests to your home.

How do you prevent Honey Bees?

Stopping stinging insects like honey bees from choosing your property to est on is a very difficult, if not impossible task. If honey bees have decided to nest on your property or in your home the best thing you can do is contact a professional. Suburban Exterminating never suggests DIY control for stinging insects; instead call us at the first sign of a nuisance honey bee problem on your property.

How do I get rid of Honey Bees?

It is very important to remember that honey bees play a very significant role in the pollination of many flowers and crops. Although honey bees are very ecologically important, if their nests are built in or near your home they may become a danger to you and your family. Since that is the case, their nests may need to be handled and relocated by trained professionals.

Can Honey Bees hurt me?

Honey bees are considered to be a dangerous species because they do have the ability to inflict painful stings and inject people with their venom. The venom in a honey bee sting is strong enough to cause severe allergic reactions in some individuals that can require immediate medical attention.

What to Expect when Suburban Exterminating Arrives

Due to the important role of honey bees, it’s best to let professionals handle their removal. When Suburban Exterminating arrives at your home for a honey bee treatment, we will assess their damage to your home and property and develop a plan of action to remove them. We may work with local professional beekeepers for the relocation of honey bees.