Digger Wasps

What do digger wasps look like?

long black digger wasp on a flower in long island

Digger wasps (also called digger bees) grow to between ¼ and 1/2 inch in length.  They come in a variety of colors and patterns depending on the specific species, including mud daubers, sand wasps, and other similar species.  Digger wasps can be shiny metallic black, dull black, or brown and can be with or without white, yellow, and/or red markings.

Digger wasp behaviors

Digger wasps are a solitary, ground dwelling species.  Even though they are solitary and create their own individual nests, they can often be seen nesting in clusters in the same general location.  Digger wasps like to make their nest in the soil of thin or sparse grass.  

In the spring, digger wasps will emerge from underground nests where the females and males mate.  After mating, the females will dig a hole about ¼ of an inch into the ground, and then lay their eggs in their new nest.  The female will than gather and place nectar and pollen into the nest to feed the larvae once they hatch.  The larvae will feed, grow, and develop in the ground until the next spring when they will emerge as adults and begin the life cycle over again.  Digger wasps have one generation per year.

Are digger wasps dangerous?

Digger wasps may be dangerous because they do have the potential to sting and their venom is strong enough to cause an allergic reaction in some individuals which could be severe enough to require medical attention.  Digger wasps are not known to be particularly aggressive and usually only sting if they are stepped on or directly handled.

Can Suburban help with a digger wasp problem?

Offering effecting stinging insect control for Long Island homes and businesses, Suburban Exterminating is ready to help you get rid of digger wasps that have invaded your lawn.  Schedule your free estimate or give us a call to discuss your pest problem more in depth. 

Digger wasp prevention tips

Preventing digger wasps from choosing your property to nest on is difficult; however, one of the best ways to help prevent them is to keep your lawn healthy.  A thick green lawn is not an area that digger wasps choose to nest in; they prefer thin, unhealthy lawns.


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