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What do Click Beetles look like?

Adult click beetles are reddish-brown and may grow up to 1 ½ inches in length. They look very similar to a cockroach, and are, in fact, often mistaken for one. Their larvae are long and cylindrical in shape, have a relatively hard body, and resemble a mealworm.

Click beetles are known for the loud click noise they make when they’re righting themselves. You see, if they become stuck on their back, the spine they have on the underside of their thorax fits into a groove that is found on the underside of their abdomen. When this happens they will arch their back and “snap” themselves straight.

What are the signs of Click Beetles?

Click beetles feed on plants (potatoes, roots, grains, cotton, and corn), pollen, and insects. During the summer months these beetles will gather in large numbers on porches and decks after being attracted by artificial outdoor lighting. They make their way into structures through small openings that they find and can become quite a nuisance.

What Damage do Click Beetles cause?

They can cause some minor damage to crops and plants but are mainly viewed as a nuisance pest.

How do you prevent Click Beetles?

The best way to prevent click beetles from infesting is to implement an ongoing pest control plan that eliminates other insects (i.e. their food source). You may also find it helpful to seal openings found around doors and windows. We also recommend installing door sweeps and covering windows with screens.

How do I get rid of Click Beetles?

The best ways to remove click beetles are:

Call a professional to find the source and remove all beetles.
Vacuum your house and any beetles you find.
Seal cracks to prevent new beetles from entering.

Can Click Beetles hurt me?

Click beetles are not dangerous to people. They can cause some minor damage to crops and plants but are mainly viewed as a nuisance pest.

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What to Expect when Suburban Exterminating Arrives

Though they are not dangerous, click beetles are annoying and are a pest problem Suburban Exterminating can help resolve. We offer home pest control and commercial pest control services that are designed to eliminate and prevent infestations of beetles, other insects and rodents. For more information about getting rid of click beetles or to schedule your free inspection, call Suburban Exterminating today!